Grass roots growth, and prosperity for all people

Klickex is a story of exceptional innovation. In an industry filled with billion dollar IT and Research & Development budgets, KlickEx has delivered a revolution in a niche market - a market of communities, and a network of local businesses, banks, government agencies, and consumers.

We link communities together, and provide a central service to enhance the decentralised control of regional monetary policy, economic stability, and financial inclusion.

KlickEx provides operating services for Government, non-government, and development organisations; providing regulators and government agencies with statistical and compliance solutions, linking Telco, Banking, and Regulatory networks together, to enhance the quality of life for every day people.

Our services provide the basic framework for financial inclusion: built on a foundation of institutional grade banking products, KlickEx delivers regional micro payment facilities connected to mobile banking services that enable P2P payments, in any currency we support, as well as providing de-facto savings accounts, community rewards, and small business online facilities.

KlickEx is an organisation committed to grass roots growth, and prosperity amongst all people.

We are specialists in global financial infrastructure, creating payment networks that empower communities, and act as a gateway to growth.

KlickEx delivers Now

On the 1st January 2011, the KlickEx network provided real-time/same day domestic and international settlements to Local, Regional, and International Banks who serve more than 25 million consumers across nearly 7,000 branch locations.

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Empowering communities together

KlickEx is an organisation that brings people together. From our Outreach Program in the South Pacific, to families spread across the world, KlickEx facilitates co-operation, transparency, and economic efficiency.

We design, build and deploy innovative financial systems to lower costs, and increase service, in every industry we engage.

Through tools for Financial Inclusion, Mobile Commerce/Branchless Banking, and Economic Transparency, KlickEx works to increase the spending power of remote communities, while reducing the costs of everyday goods and services in regions where access to modern markets, or state of the art financial products is limited to the select few.

KlickEx works closely to connect Local Banks, NGO's, Central Government Agencies, and Reserve Banks with highly efficient clearing, settlement and payment infrastructure to regulate, monitor and automate local, and regional economic growth, and enhance financial development.

The KlickEx Outreach Program, including an Affiliate/Promoter and the MoneySpot Operator sub-systems, enables local business owners to enhance existing banking relationships, and to extend financial services to the communities in which they operate.

KlickEx is consistently ranked #1 service provider in every market it operates in, across every product category, by - a government initiative funded by NZAid, AusAID, and endorsed by the World Bank.

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